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07:55;   Not entirely sure of what to say. There's tension at school. There's tension at home now that my mother is taking college-at-home classes. There's tension in the mornings; my parents and myself have gotten into so many yelling fights in the past few days. I don't want pity. I don't want to show my sadness, or frustration, or uneasiness. I don't want to come before anyone else. Not being number one on my own list is going to kill me one day. It doesn't matter. I'm only trying (note the word trying) to make everyone else happy.
Of course this entry is filled with lots of subtitles and secrets. You can probably figure them out if you know the background of the issue. It's been a rough week for everyone, I suppose. The year is cooling down, the devil-spawned Valentine's Day is around the corner (He and I aren't celebrating for the sake of everyone's -- including my -- sanity), and so on. Personal problems arise. People are more prone to do bad in school, and anguish comes from that. All perfectly understandable.
Maybe we all should just put on a happy face.


22:04;   Most of my archives are (hopefully temporarily) lost, and thus will not be able to update. This leaves me with two decisions:
A) Leave this as it is, work on a new project (one involving this new community blog, or another), and just leave this as a "memory".
B) Keep updating, and only be able to update from here on out.
It's being debated.

09:41;   Here's an online version of the game MASH. Awesome. (link stolen from divinity.je)

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