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05:48;   Waking up at 5:00 am really sucks sometimes.


21:20;   This morning, four messages were sent via email to four lucky contestants at the chance of a community blog. A design (simplistic and comic-bookish) is in the works, an alternative website at tripod.com is being configured, and one person has joined the banana boat thus far. Let's see how this works out, shall we?
Please, give me awhile to set this up. It's going to take me a bit to figure out how to make this look nice... plus, I'm waiting for replies from the three other contestants. If you book them, they will come... (Wayne's World)

06:31;   Everytime that I wanted to write something meaningful or witty (both of which seem to be a difficult process to conjure), there has been an interruption ranging from the simple "I'll do this later" (ie, dinner) to the "Fuck the world" (ie, when your computer decides to freeze and laugh). And, so, here I am. Debating a hiatus and just making this section into a community blog. Wouldn't that be fun, though? It'd be a slumber party all over again.
Tonight, I have to be at two places. I chose neither. I am surely positive that this choice will be permanent, considering that I'm going out of town tomorrow (thus, I cannot stay the night at Meredith's) and I'm tired and moody and very self-esteemed out (thus, I am not in the mood to put up with His bad aura at the swimming pool). Some of my past decisions changed over the hours, and I ended up doing something that I, in the beginning, did not want to do. Hell, I may end up at Meredith's for a few hours tonight (my parents said no, but maybe they'd loosen up), or maybe He is in a better mood today. Somehow, though, I think things will be better today than I say they will be. I'll get there, I'll smile, wave, wave, wave, and then things will seem more normal to me. I'm not taking my bathing suit with my to school. It's going to make Him angry that I've changed plans on Him twice thus far. He does it all the time to me.
So, when is the next time that I'll write something clever? Good question. Before you know this, this may be replaced by a community blog with all of the closest aquaintences. (In my mind, I'm speaking, This isn't going to work out. They won't like the idea that there's more than one person; someone's going to get in a fight and it's all going to go to hell. Hell, hell, hell...)
Don't consider this a hiatus. Consider this a work in progress. It's going to be a doozy.


16:01;   I get the phone call from Him this afternoon. He's giggling, "Turn on CNN!" There, on "TalkBack Live", is the jazz band from my school -- sitting in their tuxedos (they were in Atlanta to play for the governor), holding back their laughter and giving the camera paranoid looks. The day's topic was about the Texas fugitives that requested air time before surrendering. None the less, He was no where to be found... but, still, it kept my eyes busy for a few minutes.

06:52;   I'm thinking about making a community weblog with all of my closest aquaintences involved in it... how do you think that would work out? Of course it wouldn't be here. It'd be at a subdirectory, something cute like /community.
I'm talking to Him on the phone. He's in the almighty Atlanta at the moment...


18:00;   Today, there was a cameraman following Cheryl Haworth around school. All of the little freshmen were in buzz that it was Pawel from the infamous MTV show "Road Rules: Semester at Sea". From what I've also heard, the little freshmen were sneaking out so that they can flirt with him.
I saw him... once. I expected him to be entirely tall and thin... he was actually, in the reality of all, a few inches taller than me. Or so it seemed... I was already going to be late for class when I passed by, so I didn't bother trying to get any special peeks at his features.

17:21;   Meredith has a new little kitty in her possession. It's a tiny black-and-white cat that was saved by Meredith's family from the Humane Society. Names have been debated today, ranging from the name Piper (which is a semi-finalist) to names from our favorite movies. And the little creature (which is still un-named, from my last checking) is so energetic. It was aptly kept on the edge of its little black paws by just fooling around with a toy mouse.


16:00;   "As Is" is a very pretty song by Ani DiFranco. Today, on the bus, I listened to it for the first time in (it seems) months. And, at the same moment that the opening beats were played, I saw a couple from my school. They were in the boyfriend's little red car. They kissed at the stop sign, then scooted on their way as soon as they had the chance. And I sat there, watching them kiss. It was a very sensual and passionate kiss that made everything more disturbing than erotic. I'm sure in their eyes, it seemed that it was just another kiss. But, at that moment, it seemed like more.
Today is yet another anniversary. For dinner, He is coming over to eat dinner with my family. And, on Saturday, I'll end up going to Statesboro, Georgia, with Him and His family. We're trying to spend time together... it's been tremendously rough since the whole thing with swim team is going on. After this weekend, things will become the regular 5-hours-total-per-week thing that it's been for the past few weeks... I'm not sure of how to spend time with Him anymore.

06:45;   I woke up this morning to check my email before school started. To my surprise, there were eight emails in the inbox. All of them (except for one) was spam. Credit card offers, teen sex, cheap selling of Viagara. I don't know what bad stuff I signed up to years ago that caused the same email box to be clogged with spam.
I got another one a few seconds ago. It's from ultimate.ride@virgin.net. Of course, link one leads me to a photo of a car... hosted at angelfire.com or geocities.com, none the less. And, well, the other one leads to a IP-number website.
I hate spam.


18:13;   This evening, my mother, younger brother, and myself played the board game called The Game of Life, which basically simulates a completely unrealistic lifestyle in which you win the lottery and get the Pulitzer and Nobel prize and still keep up with your set of twins. Pointless, yes, but it still keeps people busy for 45 minutes. And, to be honest, it wasn't too bad; I ended up with two girls, becoming a cop, living off a $80,000 paycheck (a year's worth, I figure; the husband or wife that you automatically get has no job mentioned), and living in a nice Dutch Colonial plantation.
Unfortunately for myself, I came in second place to my younger brother. The total unrealistic amount of cash that I had acquired was $2,155,000. My younger brother had reached the point of $2,600,000. And my mother, who in the end didn't even have children, slipped through with $1,700,000.

12:45;   Yesterday, my mother got a forward in her email that was subjected "You know you are in Pennsylvania when..." I thought that I should share a few things on the list of things that I remembered from living up there that I sort of (guiltly) forgot existed or didn't know they were popular anywhere else in the state. So, without further ado...
You know you're in Pennsylvania when...
1. You live within two hours of a plant that makes potato chips (in my case, it was a small company called Good's), corn chips, pretzels, candy (Hershey), or ice cream...
2. You ask the waitress for "dippy eggs" for breakfast. ("Dippy eggs" is the same thing as "sunny side up"... until today, I thought that the term "dippy eggs" was only used for my family, not an entire state.)
3. Your neighbors' names are Driebelbis, Stoltzfus, Lebo, Peachey, Yoder (we had a neighbor with this last name), or anything that ends in "-baugh" or "-ouch".
4. You consider Pittsburgh to be "out west" and you know the fastest way to Philly is the turnpike. (I only found this out recently.)
5. Words like "gumband", "buggy", "hoagie", "chipped beef", and "scrapple" actually mean something to you. (Only "buggie" and "hoagie" do.)
6. You can use the phrase "firehall wedding" and not even bat an eye. (My parents, as well as every family member's wedding, have had their receptions in the local firehall... basically, the a recreational center that the local fire station owns.)
Just thought I'd enlighten you a little bit.

11:47;   Well, it happened: George W. Bush is now the new president of the United States. Joy.

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