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06:55;   At 1:45 am, I was awaken from my slumber to be face-to-face with my tear-stained father. You have a mission, he said, you have to watch the phones. At this point, I have no earthly idea what he's talking about. And then he calls my mother.
My older brother, acting completely stupid, fell while he was in Delaware and now he has a big gash in the back of his head. My father sheds a tear or two and his voice becomes hollow. My older brother is in a neck brace and on a board to make sure that his back stays straight and flat. It is suspected (by my father, none the less) that there is a high posibility of a fractured skull and/or vertebrae. He debates going up to Delaware, driving, to see him if it gets worse. We're in an utter panic. He eventually leaves for work.
"What the hell happened?" is what rang in my ear at 6:32 this morning. It was him... concious, confused, and tired. "Did I fall or something?" He has a slight slur to his speech -- he was obviously drunk as hell when he decided to fall on a cement floor. "I was drunk as shit," he confirms for me, probably smirking as he says this. Then he departs with me after I explain the early morning situation to him twice. He's still giving a slight giggle when we hang up.
And that's why I'm up this early on a Saturday morning.


19:57;   Songs downloaded in the past 24 hours by Diana, via Napster:
Dave Matthews Band, "Crash Into Me" (Live)
Coldplay, "Yellow"
Dido, "Thank You"
Edward Scissorhands soundtrack, "Storytime"
Everclear, "AM Radio"
House of Schock, "Middle of Nowhere"
Kelis, "Mafia"
Madonna, "Human Nature"
Moby, "My Weakness" and "South Side"
Tracy Chapman, "Fast Car"

15:58;   I've been survivng off of pizza for the last two days. Pizza and Ritz crackers. First, I had pizza at school yesterday morning (it was technically 11:20 am), and then last night I ate at VinnieVanGoGo's (a cool little place owned by SCAD students). And then today at lunch, I ate pizza again. And tonight, my father and I are getting all original.
I've found out in the past two days, however, that pepperoni pizza is not the tastiest food to eat constantly. I prefer mushrooms on my pizza, thank you! (I actually did a report on pizza in the eighth grade. Did you know that the first pizza was made for a queen, using the colors of the country's flag -- green olives, white cheese, red sauce -- as the basis for the toppings? Wow!)

06:45;   A year ago today, I was pissy. Today, starting off, is rather calm in comparison to then. I have the expectations idea in my head of heading over to Meredith's at five o'clock. Perhaps, unless if the date was changed to Saturday instead of today.
Last night's races were spectacular. Well, no, they weren't all that interesting. He came in third place (out of four people) in the 50-meter freestyle. "Fred" came in second and third on two different events, one involving breaststroke and the other involving backstroke or freestyle.
None the less, it was still nice to watch some cute boys in tight little Speedos.


21:54;   Who's got the claws in you, my friend?
This line, taken from a highly popular Dave Matthews Band song. Perhaps you've heard of it?
It's been a rough week. That's why I haven't been writing so much, even though I know that I should've taken a moment from the busiless schedule to type some random thought or idea. And so here I sit, trying to say something (anything, really) just so it can be said.
There is a swim team race tomorrow night at 7 pm... I'll end up going home with "Fred" and Him tomorrow and then hanging around until 7. To be honest, I'd rather just sleep but we've promised each other a long time ago that we'd support each other's social and/or artistic events. And this counts as a "social" event, believe it or not. And I myself may be joining a "social" activity soon, if things go the appropriate directions. I need to do something besides laying here and waiting for something to come to me. I would join a thing at school called the "Trail Blazers" (a group that does things like camping and hiking and canoeing), but I prefer something that doesn't take up weekends... just every Monday night sort of thing. Somehow I doubt that it'll actually go through and happen for me -- I lack the skill, precision, and memory that is required to do such a sport -- but I guess it's a mini wakeup call that college apps are looking for sports or "social" activities. It's too late to join any clubs, so I guess I have to go with the sports versus the "social" activities.


15:33;   A few days ago, I had the liberty of eating in the fine dining of Chinese food. After the delicious cuisine, the obligatory fortune cookies came along. The fellow people I was with had the cliche fortunes, declaring that laughter was the best medicine and such. Mine, however, was different. I looked at it for a hard moment, and then took it as some weird sign of misuse.
Mine said Know the right moment., which, to be honest, worried me. What exactly was my fortune telling me? Was I doing the wrong things at the wrong times? Did the mysterious fortune cookie know what was on my mind? Of course, I shrugged the idea of it having some sacred meaning -- until today. And the weird reason is, I have no idea why it suddenly matters so much.


16:20;   This, my dear readers, is what Savannah looks like through the eyes of a visitor. I guess Savannah's not such a terrible city to live in (the outskirts of).


18:37;   R.I.P. Columbia/Michaelangelo
Born 2000, Died 2001

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