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23:41;   I Most of the reactions recieved today were in the range of "omigod"s, "you rock"s, and "oh, that's pretty nifty"s. The first was from a gal named Kelly that I'm pretty close to - she got a Beatles lunchbox with a Goodwill-found Beatles silk teeshirt. The second was from Patsy - a nice little beta fish (she named it Giovanni). And the third was from Meredith - she has retrieved a strobe light, which has come into good use during our evening of playing board games and watching "XFiles" episodes sparingly. We're going on a walk in a bit to deliver a letter to some family that we have no idea who they are. Exciting... truly, it is. Especially since there's a fog out tonight.
He and "Fred" have not recieved their presents yet. More on that later.

08:50;   So today I go Christmas shopping for my five closest friends. The list was made a few days ago, but will most likely be altered during today's events. I'm driving out to the mall and getting some gifts there, and then going to Wal*Mart so I can purchase a few items over there. No real biggie -- I'll be expected to be done relatively early so I can drop things off to people's homes (in some cases -- at least to the people who live in a five-mile radius to me) and then proceed to go over to Meredith's house for the night. Whew.
My week has been hectic, especially during the end of the week. Thursday was freakish because I was supposed to go to a chorus concert to see "Fred" (remember him?) perform. He was late as it is, and I still needed a ride. So, He (my boyfriend, remember?) came and picked me up in "Fred's" car -- even though He only has a permit. And He didn't even have his permit on Him. (Thus, that would explain why I was so nervous.) So we drive to the concert, everything's grand, and then afterwards I need a ride again. As does four other people. So all six of us fit into "Fred's" little Toyota (I am stuck on the floor) and we travel as far away as Garden City (approximately 30 minutes from where I live, depending on your speed) to drop people off. During the excursion, the people in the car got into a discussion about car crashes. "I was in car crashes... but I never started one!"
That was "Fred". Little did anyone know that later that night, "Fred's" car will hit a brick wall. "Fred", of course, is okay. He has a sore neck. His car will cost $3,000 USD to fix. I'm not even supposed to know or mention this to anybody. I guess it's too late to try and take it back -- it's kind of obvious that "Fred" isn't driving his car.
(By the way, "Fred's" parents are out of town. Well, He -- my boyfriend -- visited him yesterday around 4 PM to retrieve His wallet that He left at "Fred's" house. "Fred's" girlfriend was there, adjusting her shirt as she answered the door. The inside of the house, as He claims, was a wreck. The carpet was messy and the love seat had been altered from it's usual exactly-perfect stage. You got to wonder about what occurred at "Fred's" house last night, don't you?)


19:11;   I'm out of school for nineteen days.


18:23;   Why am I so nervous? GEEZ.

15:30;   My mother has to have surgery next Tuesday. Unlike her previous surgery, this one is not for her pleasure. It is a surgery that will take place on her uterus due to a "significant blockage", which may -- sadly enough -- be tumorous.
I don't want to lose my mother this way.


21:26;   Didn't hear your wicked words every day / And you used to be so sweet I heard you say / That my love was an addiction / When we cling our love is strong / When you go you're gone forever / You string along / You string along
- Culture Club, "Karma Chameleon"

21:15;   Well, George W. Bush is our next president. Let's not all move out at once now.

16:56;   Gee, what's in my wallet today?
- 63 in change (one quarter, two dimes, eighteen pennies) and 5 in Canadian money
- $18.00 (one $10 bill, one $5 bill, and three $1 bills)
- My driving permit and school ID card (both in first pocket)
- Blue Cross Blue Shield card, and car insurance card (both in second pocket)
- Gap gift card, a Bell South $20 gift card, school lunch card, and library card (all in third pocket)
- A chilling reminder
- Two keys (one for the car's ignition and the other for the house)
What's in your wallet?

06:25;   Sorry to say that I haven't died on you -- my temperature lowered from a 101.3 to a nice 99.3 last night. That, my dear friends, is a 2-degree drop in a few hours' time. I feel better this morning, however. Sinus and throat problems occur randomly, but I no longer have the aches and pains that occurred to me last night.
Maybe my Wednesday will be good. I've had a weird week thus far, getting stuck on a bridge on Monday and then getting sick yesterday. Pray for a good day.


19:00;   101.3 is not only a popular station in Alaska - it's my current temperature. Sadly, I cannot stay home due to the fact that I have a French and English (Ironic, isn't it) test tomorrow as my finals. And as the principal said, "You should try to make it to all classes for finals. The only excuse that can be accepted is a doctor's." Sadly enough, I have no doctor right now (I'm in the awkward stage between a pediatrician and an "adult doctor" - the non-gynocologist type) and thus I cannot get an excuse out of school.

06:17;   I don't feel well.


19:36;   "There are two ways to write error-free programs. Only the third one works."
- Anonymous

15:20;   In the world of cars, there is such thing as a timing belt, which goes around in the engine of a car. They have little teeth on them, which grasp onto the parts of the engine. Without the timing belt in good condition, a car will not start. I found this out the hard way: we stalled on top of a bridge in the midst of Monday morning traffic. Which, to be honest, could not be worse traffic conditions (except if the bridge was close to a church on a Sunday) to be stuck in.
So we sat there on top of the bridge for 30-something minutes (with a cop), watching traffic next to us go from two lanes to one. And finally my dad showed up in his lux black Nissan to drive me home -- just in the same instant as this technicolored tow truck. But all is well now -- the car works again, I will continue to drive tomorrow.


21:57;   You're my hero, Ms. Patti.

15:32;   Yesterday (though it seems like ages ago), I went to Kiawah Island, South Carolina, to see two of my older cousins compete in the local 25k marathon. My mother and I rented bikes and went an approximate 8 miles throughout the day on them.
The houses on the island are huge. They all have high columns, two to five stories, and lush gardens. They were also adding a lot of houses to the area, with each of the building houses declaring the lot's buyer and previous city of residence. One of the houses that I took note to was a large yellow home that was near the marsh, far away from the road (unlike others in the neighborhood). It was obviously being built, and - like the others - there was a sign out front that mentioned the owner's name. Oddly enough, it said: Tara K. Lipinkski, Sugar Land, TX. That alone bothered me... but, hey, it was a nice house.

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