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18:40;   I've had a good day. I got nothing that I wanted to get done accomplished, but that is quite alright with me. I'll get it all done tomorrow, I suppose. But, for the time being, I would like to share a compilation of my day... call it a "best of...", if you may. You can feel free to ignore my comments -- or maybe this whole thing altogether.
+ Best Thing Read -- Drew Barrymore's Rolling Stone interview
Drew Barrymore has gone quite a long ways from her ET days, and this interview captures the "true Drew", featuring remarkable photographs done by the amazing (and highly admired) Mark Seliger that kind of capture the essence of aging. In the interview, Drew speaks of her fiance, Tom Green, her mother, the movie Charlie's Angels, and animism. The interview kind of made my afternoon far better than normal.
+ Best Thing Admired -- Columbia
I found out a few days ago from a non-reliable source that my dear Columbia is indeed a male beta fish. Which doesn't phase me a bit... I mean, Rocky Horror Picture Show was about trans-sexuals, so why can't my fish unwillingly be one of them? My fish's new name is Columbia/Michaelangelo. But it shall be known as Columbia. I cleaned Columbia's bowl again today, and disconnected the ghastly filter. And then I sat there and watched Columbia swim around the gallon-big fishtank and admire his/her new atmosphere. Columbia is quite a beautiful fish, with its long colorful fins (which thus, says my un-reliable source, makes it a male) swirling around it. Columbia would be a handsome human.
+ Best Thing Watched -- Biography on pornstar Traci Lords
Perverted? Not entirely. I ignored every bit of pervertedness contained in this biography that was featured on E! this afternoon. And I kind of realized how rough it had to be for her -- Traci herself started her pornographic future at age 15, which is how old I am now. The narrarator claims she was "insecure" with her body (as I am) and yet she did these things and lived through it, stating the entire time that she was 21 or 22 years of age. I find it remarkable that the pornography business is still as booming as it is, but whatever turns you on (pun not intended) is alright, I suppose.
+ Best Thing Listened -- Rumours, Fleetwood Mac
Ohhh, how do I start this one? My parents got me the record version and I listened to it repeatedly for two hours straight -- it's so remarkable. I am utterly in love with Stevie Nicks' voice. It's so tantalizing, sort of a deranged mix of Cher, Tori Amos, and Paula Cole. I love "Don't Stop" (as I nearly always have) as well as the song that follows it, "Go Your Own Way" and "Songbird".
+ Best Thing Written -- "Smile", on a Post-It
I give myself egoboosts. Maybe you should do the same.


06:31;   "All These Pretty Girls", written 11/02/00, 14:12, by me
All these pretty girls
With their clear faces
And size-two bodies

All these pretty girls
Smiling straight-teeth smiles
And wearing their best party skirts

All these pretty girls
The ones that get the guy
And never need makeup

All these pretty girls
Who laugh at Cute Guy's jokes
And ignore the uglier

All these pretty girls
Who make me want to slash my wrists
Because I am not one of them

All these media-fed images
Everywhere I go, I see
All these pretty girls


06:42;   Well, it seems that young Natalie has decided to leave her blogging world behind. Yet, at the same time, she has opened "Grouchy", a journal. Whereas, one of Natalie's ex-hostees has a website with a lovely photo of a city skyline -- but nothing else. Working on content... or giving up as well? Speaking of, where the hell did the rest of Natalie's hostees go? I was fond of Nathaniel.
But, anyway, about Natalie. I'm sure that I've mentioned this many times before, but Nat here was my inspiration for blogging. Believe it or not, she singlehandedly (without knowing herself) got my interested in her blog, as well as eb, who then got me ga-ga over 2xy. And then I figured out that she used this (lesser known at the time) webthingie to update her website. I didn't use it until a month or so later. So, what I am saying in short (even in Natalie never reads this herself) is thank you, Natalie, for advertising Blogger and not even knowing it.
Have a good day, everybody.


06:56;   Many appologies for my bloggless tactics yesterday -- the only time that I did have the time (as well as energy) was in the morning yesterday, and that barely existed because I was putting makeup on for an hour and a half. No, it wasn't even elaborate makeup. It was just eyeshadow (white) and a continuous flow of lipstick (brown). What was I this Hallowe'en? Well, it started out being a fairy. Very cute, very sexy, very whatever. The thing is, the fairy wings weren't digging it with the backpack on (for school), so I -- of course -- had to do with otherwise. So, for school purposes, I became a diva. This was achieved by adding a feather boa in the place of the wings and tattered t-shirt. I ended up wearing the same thing that night, and it came to be known that I was not a diva, but rather, a lady of the night, a prostitute. And so that's how it came to be: for Hallowe'en, I was indeed a prostitute. I'm still waiting for an applause.
So, with all of this occurring, I had no time to write. And you didn't miss much news coverage, minus the bastard of an old man who thought that 15 and 16 year olds were too old to be trick-or-treating and then refused to give us some. We were all bummed about that, believe me. And then there was the incident with the shoes.
My shoes. They were lovely-looking: small, curvy, but comfortable. I didn't suspect that we'd go on rough terrain with them on, so I thought I was going good. Then it started to hurt. I started limping. I wasn't the only one to hurt: a person dressed as Death and Lara Flynn Boyle were lacking behind as well. Whereas, our leaders were up front, standing tall: Him (as a "hunter"), Patsy (as a dead Catholic school girl -- points for originality), and Her (as an FBI agent). But we survived, and we ate candy and listened to music and lit candles. I got home promptly late at 9:48 pm. (Yes, that is early to some. But at this point, my feet were yelping to be free.)


06:19;   My oldest cousin, as of October 27, is engaged to an awesome doctor named John. The marriage is scheduled for June 16, 2001, in South Carolina. He popped the question when they were on a carriage ride in New York City, right outside of Central Park.
Sigh. So romantic.


11:56;   It was my mother's idea to go to Kroger and get flowers... and a cake... and cards... and a magazine for Him... not mine. All I wanted was flowers. Seriously. The only downfall was that the lady who wrote his name on the cake wrote "Pantrck", but that really is no concern to any of us at my house -- just a good laugh, I suppose. And if His mother decides to go through another period of hating me and does not let him over, then we are all taking the party over to his house -- it's too much of a waste to not let any of this happen.

08:08;   I'd like to take a moment to wish a wonderous happy birthday to Patrick, my loving boyfriend who -- no matter how much he complains -- is still just known as "Him".

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