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patsy -- poet and dreamer; 16/f


meredith -- humorist and saint; 16/f


him -- hunter and listener; 16/m


'fred' -- counselor and taxi; 17/m




23:16;   Happy Daylight Saving Time, everybody (except for those weirdos in Arizona, Hawaii, parts of Indiana, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and American Samoa -- I'm joking about the "weirdos" part). Remember -- you fall back an hour. Extra hour of sleep -- how nice. Goodnight.

21:09;   My mother is watching Beverly Hills Family Robinson -- which stars the suddenly puke-inducing Sarah Michelle Gellar. The icky black hair she displays throughout this movie thus far makes me wants to... well, wants to smack somebody. Maybe they should make a game, just like they used to for the Spice Girls at Urban75.com, for Sarah Michelle Gellar. Maybe -- instead of just her -- for the entire damn cast of I Know What You Did Last Summer. But what clever name would be used for this clever little game? Ideas?

17:20;   Good online read: "The Secret Life of a Beautiful Woman" by Mike Sager.

09:43;   Recieved in the mail this morning from the lead singer of the Transformers:
oh dear.
i'm sorry. i'm so sorry. if you showed up at the community center friday and were shooed away, let me explain...
we were invited by another band to play. we didn't know what the party was like at all. the cinemas and we got there and soundchecked. everything was going well. transformers devotees started to show up (thanks emily, tyler, katherine, whitney
(Patsy), diana, judson, carl, cadyn) and then a mom became very concerned. the mom of the guy who was throwing the party started worrying about the number of people showing up and the age groups represented. it was at this time that we were told that most of the guests were twelve and thirteen years old. hmmm. what happened next was that all three bands were barred from playing and bands and supporters were told to leave. rock and roll abbie found us another place to play (Tybee YMCA) and we played for like fifteen people. don't worry. you didn't miss much. jeremy and i are now kicking around the idea of renting out that community center place in two weeks (possibly friday, nov. 10) and having a show there. this transformers set would be half synth music, half new stuff with guitars, bass, drums, keys, horns.. the whole shebang. it should be good. at any rate, we'll keep you posted. thanks to all who came out and made an effort to see us. i'm so sorry. i'm so sorry.
you guys rock.

[signed] nick arcade


19:49;   The evening was best summed up by Patsy: "This is so fucked up." Because, well, it was. I mean, don't get me wrong: it started out great. There were people we knew, we hung around the band, etc. And then they started coming. In swarms, in bright colors. In cat outfits.
Eighth graders.
They invaded and demanded that they were there for a party and that the bands (three) had to reschedule it to some other location. This is ok with me, personally. And then the bands go with the assumption that there is no party. Ok, I'm kind of tee-ed off, so is Patsy and her buddy. Patsy calls her mom, and she is on her way. Then it is changed. There is a party. We wait with the singer and when she came up he begged. And she didn't let us, so we were obviously pissed. (I am speaking to Patsy on the phone, and I don't know what to say.) We hugged the lead singer, appologized, and then got in the car. We sat silently in the car and just left.
And here I sit. Alone, at home. I don't mind. I just really wanted to hear them sing. Really, I do. I hear Patsy playing their music on the phone. It's making me sad.

16:51;   So, I'm going to a Transformers show tonight with Patsy and a friend of hers (and mine, I suppose). It's 20 minutes walk from where I live, but crossing a highway (which is what it would take to get there walking) is out of the question for me: Highway 80 is scary, especially at the time of the concert (6 pm). So, Patsy's parents don't know where it's at. Mine do, but they aren't home. Patsy and her pal are coming over to my house. What will they do here? How will we get home afterwards? Will I buy more demos? What will become of riothero.com after electricbiscuit.com's scandelous (not to mention true) chat? (I'm rooting for the dashing one.)
Oh, by the way, I'll tell you how the show went tonight.

15:37;   When I am bored at the computer, I clean my mouse out. I know that you think it's a stupid habit, but it's actually a whole lot of fun. I do it once a month, usually near the end, and I just remove the tiny ball and move my fingernail around in there and remove strips (yes, strips) of dust and dirt. Today, I cleaned it. And it was perhaps one of the happier moments of my day -- you know, the whole idea of doing something good and something needy.


21:45;   Yes, I redesigned. Yes, it is cheap-looking -- I wanted that alternative effect. Also, this site is no longer officially titled "numb." That doesn't mean that I don't use it. It's still being used as the title of this lovely thing (I no longer consider it a blog -- after all, the definition of a "blog" is so far-out-there these days that there is no real definition), but it won't be featured on this page. Every now and then, I will give a weekend up to Patsy and Her (who, upon Her request, will be known as a new alias in the future) to fool around on this. I guess I'm trying to go more "free" here than anything else. And just kind of relieve some icky things that were in past designs. Lots of the information (archives, etc) is at the bottom instead of the side. I've made the page-hits counter transparent (if you want to know it's location, it's at the bottom right, above the archives links) and removed the depressing BlogHop ratings. If you still want to vote (and thus higher my self-esteem), you can click here and vote on the bottom option. (The top one kind of looks dreary.) And I promise (yes, promise) that I will do two things: that I will post more often, and will more of a humoristic side and provide links, and that there will be a place where all of the aliases will be listed and given a brief over-view. And I'm going to fix a few things, and just make this place a happier little place. Who knows -- I've just made my own day.


06:50;   I haven't written lately... do you miss me? Don't worry, I'll eventually get back on my original track of writing paragraphs of pointless jabber.
My car was fixed yesterday -- the carburator was rebuilt, and now it has a soft purr to it when it is idling. So I get to drive it today. It looks cold outside to me. And it keeps on getting darker and darker as Twilight Savings Time approaches. I like it when it is dark in the mornings -- it kind of sets a tone of being depressed and pleased at the same time. I guess I am the only one that gets that feeling.
I haven't been online all that much lately -- just to check email every now and then, or read the news articles. The rest of my time has been used up by sleeping or reading. I started up Foxfire again (I never finished it the first time), and I borrowed a book from the library entitled The Best of LIFE, which is photos from the magazine LIFE that range from 1936 to 1972. I also got a PEOPLE magazine with lots of photos in it as well. (I like the book a lot more.)
Besides that, nothing really has occurred. My fish is still alive. We got a new bowl for it yesterday so it has more room to meander around in the water. I'm getting stuff together for projects in school, and also trying to find the necessities for my Halloween outfit. I have everything except for something to go in my hair. I need glitter/gel. I want it sticking out to somewhere. The whole outfit is uncomfortable, but at this point, comfort isn't an issue. It's just trying to fit everything in. Believe me, I'll have pictures to show you of my stupidity. And, if you're lucky, you'll see photos of Her, Patsy, and maybe Him. Excitement brews.


22:51;   My parents told me this evening that I show no artistic talent. They do not like any of my artwork, and it kind of hurts knowing that they have no liking for what I do -- and they think that I am just wasting their time by drawing and painting and sculpting things that to them does not make sense, but to me means everything. Whereas, I did a piece of art today. I did the background (trees, bushes, the sky) with my fingers, and the person (little red riding hood, and the big bad wolf) are cut outs from magazines. My parents looked at it and said it was "interesting" before dismissing me. When, as I saw it, I had put everything into it with my fingers leading the way... I mean, is that a piece of talent? The artpiece itself was beautiful: bright, and yet it contained some form of meloncholy. Sort of a demonic take on the classic story.
My weekend was good. I couldn't go online on Sunday if my life depended on it -- my ISP decided to bitchslap me to their form of a dungeon. I played Solitaire part of the day -- I'm getting really good at that game. And then He came over, and we exchanged anniversary presents. I got him a $25 (USD) record player, along with a Monkees record and my copy of Don McLean's "American Pie". And he got me a beta fish. A beta fish is the kind of fish that fight others if they get into the same tank, and the fish itself are usually bright colored and have long flowing tails. I named this fishie (it being an unknown sex and all) Columbia. I got the name from my favorite character in Rocky Horror Picture Show, best known for the tapdancing scene, a squealing voice, and seductive look. So far, Columbia (the fish) is not really eating that much. It's quite a pretty fish, if I do say so myself.
So, as Patsy and She had mentioned, we had gone to the school's production of "Alice in Wonderland" on Sunday afternoon at 3 pm. The play itself was ok -- I never really enjoyed the story after I saw the Disney cartoon version. But, as both of my friends had mentioned at some point or another, it is really weird seeing people that you talk to every day at lunch up there on stage with lots of makeup on, wearing these funny tight outfits and speaking in an assortment of accents. At the end, Patsy gave flowers to three guys (I cannot remember the nicknames that she incorporated with them at the moment) that were in the play. It was one of those kinds of moments that you could freeze-frame and just cuddle with. Or something.
Report cards come out on Wednesday. I am very nervous about what could happen when my father sees my grades. If I don't post for awhile, or if Patsy or She starts updating it a lot more, then you can kind of figure that I've been beheaded.

18:23;   [Note: In the following entry, Patsy creates names for some of the people that I know personally. These will be the permanent nicknames for this people.]
Just another manic monday/wish it were sunday....
I've had a particular song on repeat for over an hour now. If you haven't heard it I suggest you give it a listen. It's "Everywhere" by Bran Van 3000. I'm sure you've seen Diana mention them before. It's a really, really good song. There's only one person I want to hear it. Maybe he will one day. Am I the only one in the world that hates Mondays? Hopefully not. I just can't stand to go back to school after I've had an amazing weekend. I keep thinking about all the fun things I got to do and then I stare down at a worksheet that one of my teachers have handed me and I can't concentrate. It's virtually impossible.
So, how was your Monday? C'mon share the love. Mine was alright I guess. Except for algebra and the fact that Derek wasn't here. Algebra is a big load of B.S.(capitalized and italisized for emphasis). I think, that's the class I just wanted the weekend to come back in. I couldn't help it. I'm sure you've heard from Her entry yesterday that we went to a play. I came home from school today and there was a write up about it in the paper. It had a picture of the Mad Hatter on it. I just had to laugh and scream, "Oh, that's Zack!!" It's a rather amusing picture too. The play itself was really good. Everyone did a wonderful job. It's so funny to see everyone you know in these weird[but very cool] costumes and acting out these different characters. Derek played the White Knight and also the Knave of Hearts as mentioned in the previous entry as well. "Supa Fly" played Humpty Dumpty and R. played the King of Hearts. I couldn't help but giggle at everyone. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I'm so glad this Monday is almost over!! Cheers. Patsy Nova
You're everywhere/you're everywhere/everywhere to me...........


19:28;   Sorry for the extreme lack of update on this site... yeah, over a day of no post, wow. The fact is simply that there is nothing much to right about. This happened, that happened, blah - blah - blah. Well, I suppose this is newsworthy - Diana, Patsy, and I went to go see our school drama majors perform "Alice In Wonderland." It was an excellent rendition, I must say, emphasis on a certain someone's performance as the White Knight... :). My cat is meowing annoyingly in my ear right now, but I am just too lazy to get up and let her out of the house. So I suppose she will be meowing in my ear some more. Oh well. It's really dark in this room, I should probably turn on some lights, but alas, I am too lazy to get up and do that as well. I may be even too lazy to stop typing and post this entry, but you wouldn't be reading it right now if I didn't post it, so screw that one. I'll just have to force myself to push the mouse upward, point the arrow over "Post & Publish" and get on with my night... -Her

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