diana (me) -- this website's owner/operator; 15/f


patsy -- poet and dreamer; 16/f


meredith -- humorist and saint; 16/f


him -- hunter and listener; 16/m


'fred' -- counselor and taxi; 17/m




23:57;   Yeah, I'm working on a bio for this page. Give me time.

21:53;   Say it once, say it twice
Take a chance and roll the dice
Riding with the moon in the dead of night

- "This is Halloween", The Nightmare Before Christmas

20:59;   I really, really hate this computer. I had this long entry about how I felt sorry for not posting, yadda yadda yadda, and then I get an illegal operation and it's all over. So, instead, I will write parts of it again to ensure you that, yes, I did go outside and did things.
First off, my older brother was home most of the day. Him and I talked a bit today about stuff (particularly the fact that he got a new tattoo last night that my parents don't know about yet-- that makes four for him thus far, that I know about), and then the whole family and I went into town to go to a place called Vinnie VanGoGo's, which is run by a bunch of art college students. Then we all went to the RPM store again for more CDs. My older brother got a techno CD, and I got an Ani DiFranco single and Oasis' What's the Story (Morning Glory)?, which I have loved forever but never really got around to buying it.
I also took a quiz today that I found on slinky, which I shall post the results for on another page so I can just clear up this blog area and make it seem like it's... peaceful. Free-flowing, maybe. Heh. Yeah, right.
My parents also went Goodwill hunting today and came back with a book for me: 14,000 things to be happy about, by Barbara Ann Kipfer. I took it over to Her house this evening, and we (the four of us being involved in this) took turns going around and mentioning things that were in the book. Here's a few examples. (I will end up posting a few every few days.)
- handwriting
- infatuation
- letting your skin breathe
- greeting card commercials

I'm probably going over to His house tomorrow. I also have French homework: write five sentences about myself. Bonjour! J'aime démanger. See, that's two already. (Translate my stupid sentences if you must.) I'm really tired, too. So I might do my French homework tonight, my other homework (whatever it may be) tomorrow morning, and go over to His house in the afternoon.


16:11;   This afternoon was excellent. We went to this place called RPM, where they sell second-hand CDs and records, and I picked up Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness for $8 and a Sleater-Kinney single, which I love to death, for $5. After that, we went to Starbuck's and I had my lovely White Chocolate Mocha (Tall-size) and watched the tourists pass by the yuppie place in a state of confusion.
So, yeah. Right now, I'm on the phone with Him, and He's singing some John Denver song. He won't tell me the name of it because he's being absorbed by the song itself. Which is scary, really. I should record this and share His bad singing to everybody. (I'm not one to talk. I sing pretty badly.)
Tonight, I'll end up going to spend the night at Her house with Her and Patsy, and watching episodes of "The Daily Show" that aired this week, which I have missed. Tomorrow, I'll also be over there and then we'll all watch "XFiles". And then on Sunday, my older brother is going back to North Carolina, and I'll probably be over at His house, working on cleaning out a fish pond or something that he wanted to do. I don't know. I'm up for anything right now.
I feel like I can fly.


21:52;   I went putt-putting tonight with Him. After He had promised to take me for the longest time and seemed to never have the moment until now. It wasn't all bad, actually. I got the only hole-in-one, so I'm very proud of what I accomplish. All my small accomplishments do wonders for my self-esteem. Really, they do.
As for my other accomplishments, I have started to read Foxfire again, after putting it out of my mind for months. I found out today that it was also a movie, which starred Angelina Jolie as "Legs", who in the book is kind of the leader of the gang. I might be wrong. I'm only a few pages into it. After I finish Foxfire and watch the movie version, I want to work on reading the book I borrowed from Patsy called Dreamworld. And then maybe read some classical book. I want to read a classic.
I gave Him the book Tulips and Chimneys today, in a paper bag. I told Him to open it at the end of the day. I call Him around 5 PM, and He opens it while we're on the phone, and becomes more interested in everything but the book. Which is sort of what I expected, anyway. He doesn't like to read, so why do I give him a book of (fabulous) poetry? Maybe I'll end up getting the book back like I said I would.
Tomorrow, Patsy's mother is picking Her and I up to go to school, then we're going to Starbuck's (yuppie place) after school for a latte or something. I could use a latte. Really, I could've used gas-store cappachino this morning, but the machines were turned off. So I settled for a slurpee, and my lips and teeth stayed a pretty little red color all day. I avoided smiling today, too. I don't know exactly why. I just felt as if nothing was totally going my way, and that I wasn't trying hard enough to make the passing grade. It's the second week of school, and I already made a 62% on a test. I made mostly 80% scores otherwise, but that still is bad. And knowing that I don't do my homework until the next morning is bad, too.
I finally found a place for a new locker, too. Right next to an empty locker on one side, a lock that looks exactly like mine on the other, a freshman with loud friends is over me, and a chick that drops lots of her books is diagonal to me. I hate where it is, but it's still conveniant to all of my classes, I guess. I still hate the fact that I have to walk halfway around the school at the end of the day.

15:43;   This is the ultimate torture. This virus may, according to Yahoo.com's story, "infect a computer and cause damage, but rely on users unwittingly spreading them from one PC to another. Worms, usually using the Internet, find their own way to spread. This worm appears as an email with the title 'Pikachu Pokemon' and the English message 'Pikachu is your friend.'" Knowing that my younger brother likes Pokemon and all of its followers, I would expect that it'll take him a few days to actually "accidentally" download the virus.

06:07;   Good god, my cappachino's strong.


21:31;   "Survivor" ends tonight, finally. All that is left is Kelly and Richard, and not a Gervase in sight. Next season's "Survivor" is set somewhere near Australia, with caves instead of tents and all. Which can be a hell of an adventure, you know. Whoever wins tonight (I'm sure you'll know tomorrow), I wish them a sweet congratulations... and always for them to remember that they have a friend in the poor little girl named Diana.
Speaking of acting and all, I have found my heart thrown into the guts and soul and love that is set in the webpage called Confessions of a Wannabe Actor. It would be a pretty cool idea of mine to do a website called "Confessions of a Wannabe Band", but there wouldn't be much to talk about with Patsy, Her, and I doing it. Uhh, I went to drum practice again today. Patsy and Diana have YET to learn their instruments. I like eggs. In-depth. Maybe when we get better at this all, I'll start one. Maybe something like dulled.tripod.com/band or something. Or maybe a domain. You'll just have to wait then, won't you? Oh, the excitement is risening.
I'm giving Him the book Tulips and Chimneys tomorrow. I'm actually kind of excited. I haven't read too many of the poems in the book, just so I wouldn't get too attached to it all and decided to keep it for myself. I should've bought myself a book when we went to Barnes and Noble, but I didn't. Instead, I spent lots on stuff I didn't need, like chocolate that was actually really good, but wasn't really worth the $2.50 for such little it came with. I might buy some of it in bulk next time. Some of the stuff Godiva offers looks really yummy. I'm hungry now.
I also did one major thing tonight: I've upgraded from a 640x480 resolution to a ... don't cry too hard ... 800x600 resolution. Yes, your little girl's growing up. I think I deserve a round of applause.

16:57;   Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Blogger
Happy birthday to you...

Yes, I just typed (not sang) "Happy Birthday" to a website. Yes, I am a geek. I would go on saying what a great service Blogger is, and how great it has made my life, and how it was just so darn cute when it first came from the womb, but I wasn't there. Some got their paws on the nifty piece of webspace before others even thought of it existing, and some were there for the birth. Anyway, I'm being more of a geek. Happy birthday, Blogger. May you... uhm... make the second year as good as the first.
My brother is coming home tomorrow morning at 5 AM on a bus. My father has to go into the airport area and get him at 5 AM, and my older brother and dad will arrive at home right in time for me to get out of the shower and still be half-asleep. And, most likely, still in a towel. Which isn't really a disturbance in my house, anyway. Hell, I've showered with my brothers. (When I was younger, I mean. Perverts.)

06:35;   Found in my email box from "Judy" (If you don't remember her, search for it):
I think that is about the best advice anyone has ever given me. Thank you. Because of that, we sort of worked things out. We both came to a conclusion that we need a seperation, so we are going to have one for a week. Next tuesday, we'll talk about us again, I think. We're just going to be friends. Even though I've been pretty upset about all of this, and I was contemplating just, as Alison puts it "cutting my losses", it still hurt me to agree with this whole thing. At least if it doesn't work, we'll end stuff on good terms, right? *sigh* Anyway, sorry I didn't call you. We didn't get off the phone until almost 11.
The "we" in the conversation is "Fred". Which, if you are totally clueless yet, is the boyfriend (or ex boyfriend now, whichever) of "Judy", who has been doing some odd things lately. I haven't spoken to him since the first few days, when he said "hello" and later told "Judy" that I was being mean to him. (Which I wasn't, dearies, because all I replied with was a "hello", then I mentioned that I liked his hairdye or something.) So, it's none of my business anymore. I just don't really want to get all involved in their quarrels, because to me it doesn't matter too much. (As for the advice part, I told her to just talk to him and say certain things. Nothing special.)
As for what else is going on... absolutely nothing. My mother stayed overnight at work, which means my father was there this morning. Which is, I think, is pretty cool. He got up this morning about 15 to 30 minutes after I did, made me cappachino, sat there, and rested on the couch as I type away at an hour too early to reconize what I'm actually wearing. (Which is, indeed, a long-sleeved shirt. And Iive in the south where it's really hot most of the year. But something tells me that it should rain today.) I constantly finding myself pacing through weather.com, spotting where the bitch named Debby has decided to go. (Which, in this case, is most likely up the coast of Florida, ending up scaring the shit out of us on the Georgian coast, and hitting North Carolina like always. So, Jerwin's vacation to Florida may or may not be screwed. It depends on if he's going to be anywhere near Miami.)
Oh, yeah, and I found a bit of heart and soul at eatonweb.com last night: links. Lots of links. I'm not one of them, but that doesn't actually bother me. So, this morning, I randomly clicked on a few of them. And what do I get? Quality writing. And what do they get? Linkage. Antenna, Anthony J. Hicks (Which I have heard of before countless times, but never bothered to click on the links supplied), Burning Pixels (awesome title, by the way. Far more creative than my "numb." ordeal.), design kulture, and WebFeet. Don't get me wrong, there were lots of others that I clicked on. And I wish that I could've just minimized it instead of exiting it. I feel bad now. Really, I do.
As for this weekend: We were supposed to be going out of town. But now since Debby showed its ugly face, we won't be going anywhere most likely. Ironically (if you consider it that), we were going to visit my aunt Debbie. Different spelling, different attitude (My aunt's really nice. Honestly.), and my aunt is really small compared to the alternate. So, I'll be able to supply you (most likely) with happy-go-lucky links and insight on the storm this weekend.
As for my prediction on it: I think it's going to hit us. Really, I do. Or maybe just do a Floyd on us. (When I refer to "a Floyd", I mean that it'll come terribly close to us, forcing us to evacuate, and then at the last minute, swing north and hit North Carolina. It does it every damn time, I swear. It's not funny anymore, really.) But, none the less, I think it's going to attack somewhere near me. If Debby doesn't, believe me, the next one will.


20:50;   I know we are, we are the lucky ones...

16:58;   Yep, today is the anniversary. Ten months, to be exact. And this afternoon, Patsy, She, and I went on a journey to find a present for Him. Well, no. We didn't go to Barnes and Noble for that. We went there because the money in my pocket was burning through the thin layers of fabric, and we wanted to mingle with the elderly people. So I finally bought Him an eagle bookmark and a book of poetry by e. e. cummings, which I know for a fact that he will dislike, thus giving it back to me (which I will adore, to be honest) as a present from him. I love e. e. cummings. I also love Robert Frost, Saul Williams (Thanks to Patsy for that one), and Shel Silverstein's more mature pieces. But I'm rambling.
For the past few days, either my computer or ISP is really starting to be prejudice against Blogger, because it honestly will not let me access it, usually. I finally got in here this morning, but the FTP wasn't working for me. So now either Tripod, Blogger, or my ISP hates me. I'm pretty sure that my computer isn't the case, because I've done every damn thing possible to make sure it won't mess up on me. So, yeah. I wrote a long post this morning, but since the FTP wasn't working and my ISP decided to suddenly cancel the connection and my mother was nagging me to get off so she could check her mail, so I had to leave it behind. And it was a good post, too. Very well-rounded.
Now, I think I owe you a few explanations. I passed my Biology test with a 72%, which is very much average for me to accomplish. I have a few projects for Biology that were assigned today, include the fact that I have to create a cell (plant or animal) out of supplies found around the house. I think I passed my French test with something above an 80% (I didn't have French today, so I wouldn't know what my score is.), and as for the English... ehh. I don't know. I'm kind of scared to know, too. I mean, the test asked questions that I knew that I answered wrong (ie, "How did Jim break his arm?" I wrote that he "fell from a tree", and after the class the teacher started laughing at the answers he got from earlier tests that had what I had written down as the answer.), so it doesn't matter. I guess. I expect to get a 60%-70% on that. (By the way, below 70% is failing.)
So I guess all I'm doing tonight is re-reading Speak or something, perhaps looking through the e. e. cummings book (Tulips and Chimneys), and watching an episode of "The Daily Show" at 7 PM which I heard was a terrible episode, anyway.


06:56;   I have three tests today. One in third period (Biology), one in fifth period (English, on To Kill a Mockingbird), and one in seventh period (French). I went to bed last night around midnight. I didn't study a thing.
I was tired. Earlier that day, I had gotten offline and went straight to bed for two hours. Which makes it even harder to believe, considering that I am most definitely not a nap person. The last time I took a nap was when I was sick, back at the "tender" age of 10. And I even had a real bed back then, too. I mean, yeah, I have a "bed" now. That is, if you fold the futon out. But I'm getting all jittery.
I'm shaking, actually. Don't ask why. I'm delivering my first card today. The sad thing is, I won't be able to give you a shot of the photo because I was becoming the ass and already pressed my tongue against the envelopes' sealings. (Yes, I am the kind of person that licks envelopes shut. Any other way doesn't suit me as much... plus, I like the taste.) So, yeah. I'm not able to give you an idea of what the card looks like... unless if, of course, I go out and buy duplicates of the cards. But that's just stupid of me to do, you know? I'm trying to save up for some form of a digital camera.
But, yeah. It's late into 6 PM, and I'm jittery. Not panicky, but just calm-feeling (except for that feeling way back into my mouth), but my hands are shaking like crazy. I'm tapping my foot so that they don't shake, either. The last thing I need is to be full-out crazy.
I'll probably be happier when this day is over. Believe me.


18:04;   Please read.

14:08;   Everyday I wake up and it's Sunday...
Perhaps my favorite subject this year in school is my français class. That's, uhm, French, if you couldn't guess it. I have a test tomorrow on the numbers zero (zéro) to twenty (vingt). I mean, I know most of the numbers easily, but there are still a few that kind of confuse me everytime I hear it. So, right now, I'm looking at the French numbers online and listening to Travis, which was graciously borrowed from Patsy. I finished listening to I, Bificus (recently bought) and I thought it was a splendid CD. So, now, "As You Are" (number three) is going through my ears. The ring He got me, as I've recently found out, wasn't "real silver" and it left a pretty little green line around my index finger, which will not wipe off. I'm not angry at him for it, either, because, I mean, it's still a beautiful piece of jewelry.
I guess most of my day will be watching TV and eating some broccolli that has been frozen for weeks. Maybe get some teriyaki something. I can go for teriyaki right now. Stir fry... yum.

12:24;   I feel so guilty.
I signed the Napster contract, and yet I buy a CD that I have never heard a single note from... except from that one soothing song a long time ago, but the name of it escapes me. I'm planning on making mixed tapes for people today because they need another smile on their face. It just seems appropriate, you know? Anyway, yeah. I have sinned against myself. And, at the same time, I will sprinkle some of my closest friends (three, to be exact) with Fresh Ink cards for each of them on one day this week. None of them know which card they're getting, either, but I will post scans of the covers the day they get them.
Last night was good for me. We just sat around and watched the first five minutes of Curly Sue ("The Daily Show" correspondent played a small, nonspeaking part in it), a few episodes of "The XFiles", and some "TDS" episodes, including the one that aired on Friday in which all of the correspondants (Mo Rocca, Vance DeGeneres, Steve Carrell, Nancy Walls, and Stephen Colbert) sang the national anthem in a somewhat humorous fashion.
I have homework this weekend, too. Studying is all it is, but still. It's the fact that I have to study that kills me.

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