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16:27;   You curious about exactly where I live? Well, I guess I'll give that one away. The reason I say this is because Ex has created a website awhile back that has recently been redesigned that is "alot better than my last", or so Ex says. You can check out the page here. Let's try to get him over 100 hits and make him wonder where the fanbase appeared from. Stalk him if you want to. Ex gives away enough information for you to do so.
I'm going to Her house tonight to watch a few more episodes of "XFiles". It's not as boring as it used to be when we first got together as a group and watched them. Maybe because Patsy and I sit in a corner and mumble pointless jabber at each other some of the time, just to keep each other awake at times. And Her, Patsy, and I stay up later than the others that stay and just talk about stuff that is going on in our lives. We all seem to feel closer when we bond. That's expected, I guess.

12:10;   I am so tired right now. And my face is breaking out again, causing me to have headaches.
After staring at a DOS screen for 12 hours, I went into my room and read an article in a magazine. Then I proceeded to sleep. I didn't sleep a lot. Don't ask why. It just felt incredibly uncomfortable in my bedroom. And I feel uncomfortable in the living room, with my brother wearing his Indian headband and screaming the word "Napster!" again and again. I don't know where the Indian headband came from. I think it was my dad's during the 60s or 70s.
I'm looking through this older "LIFE" magazine where it has Gwyneth Paltrow and her mother, Blythe Danner, on the cover. In big white letters, it says, "How much like Mom are you?" If you had my mother and I pose in a photograph together, there would be very few resemblences. We don't plan on doing similiar jobs in the future or anything. It's as if my mother and I are two different types of animals, living on other sides of the earth. We don't acknowledge each other sometimes. It's weird being like that, because if I am not close to my mother than what does that leave me with? I never got attached to my parents after I became a teenager. I guess that's normal.
But, what is normal?


23:08;   "I kind of feel like god." - Matthew Lillard, Hackers
I have been slaving my ass off a quantity of the day stuck in DOS mode because someone messed up my computer. I recently figured it out (10 minutes ago) and then proceeded to scream of happiness. It was then proceeded by my mother coming out of her bedroom to yell at my stupidity for yelling of happiness at 10:30 PM. So, I am a happy little girl. Or at least, a happier little girl. I still feel guilty for watching "TRL".
I have decided to boycott the RIAA. By listening to songs on Napster, I bought three CDs. It's just stupid how so much is expected out of it all. I mean, some musicians die with smiles on their faces because people are listening to their music. And I guess others just need money to gain happiness.
Oh, and by the way, 2xy.org said that Dan was the youngest blogger, so my throne has thus been taken away from me. Maybe I can be the youngest female blogger or something. Like a runner up prize. Or something.


23:27;   My oldest cousin on my mom's side is laying down five feet from me, looking at the ceiling. Both of our mothers are in the next room, sharing a bed, talking. We're eavesdropping through our thin walls of the house, but alas they blubber. I don't know. I'm stuck on the couch. The rough couch where I laid last night watching Gallagher at 2:30 AM. That is, until my dad (who is in the next room) tells me to shut it off and get some rest. Yeah.
So, goodnight everybody. May you all have sweet dreams.

18:05;   I did a project awhile back which involved my face, acrylic paint, a pretty backyard, and some assistance in iPhoto Plus. I have three examples of it for you to look at, which I supply links to below and information upon each photo.
12.jpg - It was taken in my art teacher's backyard, on an old playset that her children no longer really use that often anymore. It was taken by Her around 5 or 5:30 PM, before the sun had set. The hat is my art teacher's. The background was edited.
13.jpg - It was taken right in front of the art studio by my art teacher, who laid in her garden to get the sky above before it set. The background was also edited majorly.
14.jpg - This is the one that is on the wall. It was taken by my art teacher's daughter -- who is a friend of mine. The chair (which I am holding) is her artwork. It has only been cropped.

14:36;   Someday you will find me, caught beneath the landslide...
It's raining outside really hard, spraying against the window and creating a blur to the outside world. It's going at a crazy angle that isn't really that normal around here. It's usually hitting from the other direction. Every now and then a bolt of lightning shines in the sky and a loud clash usually follows. They're getting farther and farther apart now, the ligtning is. Rain is dripping down the chimney. It's expected to be like this for the next three days. Or, so, that's what TWC says. But, alas, I am downloading songs yet to make use of the time that's left for Napster to be valid material. I think a few others have the same idea. The song of the moment is Dave Matthews Band's "Crash". I'll probably end up downloading some Beastie Boys song after this.
I've finished some of the vaccumming. I've done the living room and a hallway and part of my bedroom. I can't figure out how to do the handheld thing on the vaccum, so I'll wait until my dad gets home so he can tell me how to work it. I still need to fix up the downstairs as well, too. Haven't done that.... Jesus. I have a lot to do -- including to read a few books and do a few projects for school -- and here I am, sitting at the computer using Blogger and Napster to my advantage.
In the computer-related atmosphere, torrez.org/top is down. Will this form of a higher status for bloggers return? I don't know. I visited it every now and them. Hm. I was going to "blog" a lot today, just to get on the list for once in my life again. You know, to reclaim some space in the world of popularity and blogging. It's weird.
You know that Hanson song, "This Time Around"? Patsy and I both think that they sing, "You didn't say, I couldn't get it up all the way, and this is my time to say (or something), this time around", whereas the real lyrics are far off from that, and far more... should I say, serious? Less flaky than "MMMBop"? The only Hanson song I had any form of appreciation for was "Weird". Maybe because I felt -- and still sort of feel -- that I related to that song's lyrics. It's kind of similiar to saying that the only Rolling Stones song I've ever appreciated was "Anybody Seen My Baby?" Maybe because Angelina Jolie's in the video. I don't know.

11:09;   This house is so hot right now that it's making the keyboard and mouse a puddle of sweat.
According to the local newspaper's website, it's 81 outside, with a humidity of 84%. It seems like so much more than that. Or maybe it's the inside.
I have to vaccum today for the family members. And alas I will be kicked out of my room. I got to vaccum my brother's room, the living room, the downstairs, and my bedroom. Including my bed, because the people that are allergic are in there, and my cat has wandered into my room a few times. So... I'm stuck with that. My brother's job is simply to take my cat's food downstairs, which is where she'll slumber.
I wasn't approved to be in Woogoo for the fact that when they saw my page, it sucked ass in design, and that I qualify under the restriction of "No 'cute' sites hosted at Expage." In a way, I'm not bothered at all. I have since given up on doing anymore webrings besides the two that I am in. Which I get into no matter how crappy my page is. I think. I know Webloggers loves me, but the other webring - Blogsters - doesn't have their page working anymore. Which is an extreme bummer.
You know, I will end up doing another layout today. Maybe it'll be vaccum-cleaner related. Who knows? I got to figure out how to work that thing, anyway. And maybe get some Frosted MiniWheats. Not sure yet.


21:54;   Napster lost the battle (but maybe not the war) against the big guys. And yet I'm sitting here trying to spit Nine Days' "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)" into my computer. Which is strangely working for now. For now. I'm waiting for things otherwise to fuck screw up on me. It's at 6%, so I guess it's going good thus far.
He visited me today. Finally. We giggled and made fun of people (none that we know personally, but rather the celebrity types). And we did stupid things like, "Quick, act out a porn kiss!" and we'd attack each other in giggles. It wasn't a sexual get-together. It was more of an ice-breaker for the days apart from each other. It was nice...
I'm watching "Big Brother". Dr Drew is on there talking about "cuddling". Which disturbs me because, honestly, I like Dr Drew. I think he's rather smart and knows how to present himself in the MTV world he lives in. But the fact that he succumb to "Big Brother" really disturbs me. And if there was one person on "Big Brother" that I find interesting is Brittany. Don't know why. Maybe it's the hair. And Jamie disturbs me.
Yeah. I swear, I will do better tomorrow with my "blogs".


23:45;   I would kill this computer right now if it wasn't worth so damn much.
I was talking to Him for the first time in a day. You don't understand how difficult it is lately, since I am near the bottom on his "things that are important" list. Which I feel was accidental most of the time. He's near the top of my "things that are important" list. Bleh. I wish it was mutual. But, anyway. I was talking to Him online, as well as actually having a good conversation with Ex, who recently got braces. Then, poof, my screen freezes. So, yeah. I go crazy at this moment for two specific reasons: 1, I have not talked to Him in awhile, and He was supposed to visit me today, but alas stood me up again, and rather helped his uncle move things, which was not supposed to take an extra seven hours to accomplish. So, thus, we were making plans for tomorrow when the evilness of this computer decided to take over. The second reason was that Patsy and I collect the conversations we have with Ex to go back on and reference. And Ex was mentioning about colleges and braces and stuff... perfect material to keep on record. But with my pretty little screen frozen on the-inbetween.com (Which isn't a bad site at all, but I had read the frozen section a few times before restarting), I was useless against Microsoft's hapless attempt to take over my mind. Damn them. So I restart, and bam!, He is gone to bed. And Ex is still a perky little typer. I tell him I'm pissed, and Ex backs away. Good move, if I do say so myself. So that is the basis of that.
I got a new photo for the wall. "The wall", as we tend to call it, is just photos of the family. Individual photos of my older brother, younger brother, and myself. My photo was nearing 3 years of age, and I finally replaced it today with another that we (my mom and I) took to WalMart to edit. I'll scan it tomorrow for your viewing pleasure. Or the next day. Whenever. I'll backreference to this, no doubt.
The relatives (consisting of god-knows-whom) are coming this Thursday. The ones that are allergic to my cat are sleeping on my futon. Which means that little miss me is getting kicked out of her bedroom to resort to sleeping on a couch downstairs with whomever is chosen to sleep in the ajoining room. Yeah. No late-night watching of anything special on TV for me. As if anything was interesting on TV late at night. Especially since Andy Richter got fired/quit Conan O'Brien's show.
My newest fetish: bite this. Just thought that I would share.

15:03;   Just the faces change...
Someone was murdered who lived a road away from me. Police have yet to say how she was killed, and people around her (she was a single 50-something with the last name of "Wells") noticed that lots of people always kept on coming and going from the house. So, alas, my father is paranoid that someone will have a crazy motive to kill us.
I have a cold. Not as bad as I used to have them. I used to have major colds that put me in a state of mute. The doctors wanted to remove my tonsils, but for some reason they didn't. My throat is in terrible shape. Maybe that's why my voice is so scratchy sometimes. Like a growl. I don't have a huge vocal pitch, either. I'm an alto. I can reach slightly higher than my normal voice, and slightly lower than my normal voice. I was in the church choir and everything before my throat started getting bad. And, of course, before puberty started kicking my ass.
So, yeah. I'm sick. And I've been drugged up on Benadryl for the past 20 hours trying to get rid of my nose/throat ordeal. It's currently more of a nose problem than a throat. My throat's been good. I've been drinking lots of water and milk. I've had oatmeal for breakfast. I've slept 12 hours. Et cetera. Et cetera. Et cetera.


18:33;   Ahem. I'm alive. No one panic.
Everything I said that I would do happened. I wore a long black skirt and this weird grey shirt that was really high-colored. And lots of eyeliner. Lots. We (Pasty and I) looked crazy in Barnes and Noble with everyone looking at us and all. Then I went over to Her house and watched some good "X Files" episodes that made me want to just giggle. I went to art today and worked on a 3D piece that has been laying around me ex-art-teacher's studio for months. And I am not going on a boat with Him tomorrow, so I shall sit here. Again.
I'll write more later. I must consume myself in some local news. (I'll explain it later.)


11:42;   He and I talked yesterday. I went over to his house for an hour or two. I cried. He cried. We hugged and waited for my older brother and mother to pick me up to go home. I spent the evening talking to Patsy and Her on the phone and online, waiting for something to happen. I did find out my plans for today, though, so I guess I accomplished something.
I'm going to Barnes and Noble with Patsy dressed as a "wannabe freak", with Army pants and long-sleeved shirts that belonged to my parents at one point or another. Or something. Then after that, I'm heading over to Her house for an "XFiles" get together to just watch a few episodes and mingle with the people. Just to, you know, be "in" and all. Then on Monday I'm going back to my art class for awhile just to visit and such. Then on Tuesday I promised Him that I'd go fishing with Him, just to try it out. I've only fished once in my life, and that was when I was three or four, and I had a Mickey Mouse fishing rod which I wish I still had. I don't know. Anyway, on Wednesday I think I need to go to my mom's work to try out a machine on my face, and to get some hairs lasered from my upper lip. On Thursday, I'm planning to work on reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn to get it over with. And on Friday, I am free for anything. Maybe to get school supplies early or whatnot.
Now if you excuse me, I must shower.

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