NEWS - 10/10/2001
If anyone still comes to this webpage for any reason, I'm sorry that I never said anything about the band not playing or anything. The last show at Joe's depressed me and the departure of Kate as a creative force left me floundering.. I tried to continue, but the various prospective members all lived in different places and practices were hard to organize.. I didn't really try, honestly. I got tired of the indie-pop stylings that we were doing. Also, my recorder broke and was in the shop for a long time, so there won't be an Equators song on the PlastiqMusiq Unsigned Artist Comp. Sorry. Catchy choruses and clever lyrics just don't do it for me like they used to. I dig the moody and conceptual a lot lately. Check out most recent releases by Joy Electric and Radiohead. Sheer brilliance. I got my recorder back and i'm sort of experimenting around now. The Equators aren't officially over.. If can get something cool done, Megan and I may play somewhere sometime.. Send me an email if you want to be put on a list to be notified of further Equators activities.. which may eventually take place. Email me at
James Equator

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